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Top Viewed Videos

Audix OM2 And Shure SM58: Shootout!
Back in the Gearwire studio, Owen O'Malley plays embedded reporter from the battlefield, where the hostilities between Audix and Shure heat up. This skirmish sees an Audix OM2 grappling with a Shure SM58.
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00

Solid State Logic MATRIX Mixing Console
Jim Utley of Solid State Logic demonstrates SSL's amazing new Matrix analog console/digital signal router and DAW control surface.
Nov 12, 2008. 16:47

Vocal Mic Positions
How to position the mic for different vocal tones.
May 28, 2009. 14:47

Episode 9 - recording electric guitars
How to record electric guitars using an sm57 mving coil mic. Centered off center close and distant techniques. Frequency response of each technique
Nov 17, 2008. 09:11

Tommy Emmanuel - Recording Technique - Mics
Tommy explains the placement and type of mics he uses when recording to get his favoured "fat tone". Short instrumental at end
May 8, 2008. 00:00

SSL MX4 - MusikMesse 2009
SSL is launching the MX4 PCIE Card at MusikMesse 2009
Apr 1, 2009. 18:14

Audio Mixing Desk Lesson part 1 The Mixer
Basic mixing desk lesson I use a mackie 1604 16 Channel Mixer to demonstrate basic mixing techniques
Apr 6, 2008. 00:00

UAD 2-610 Dual Channel Tube Preamp
Official video of the Universal Audio 2-610 Dual Channel Tube Preamp
Mar 24, 2008. 00:00

Mic it up! How to mic up your Guitar.
Learn how to mic up your guitar-- This video shows you how to locate your speaker, different miking techniques and positions and what each mic position sounds like. Used in this video is the Audix i5, Audix CX112 and the Audix Cabgrabber(TM) for mic placement.
Sep 27, 2011. 14:59

The Loudness War
Big-name CD manufacturers are distorting sounds to make them seem louder. Sound quality suffers.
Feb 11, 2008. 00:00

Soundcraft 1S - PART 1
Description of my Soundcraft 1S console.
Dec 28, 2012. 16:16

Anamod AM 670 - MusikMesse 2009
The Fairchild 670 limiter is arguably one of the most famous and sought-after stereo compressors ever made. The AM670 is a faithful recreation of the classic sound and compression profile of the 670.
Dec 27, 2011. 13:15

Tascam Video - as seen at NAMM Show 2009
Hi! I am Natalie Addams, This is the Video I was in for TASCAM, they make musician recording devices. I am the one with pink hair, playing an awesome 5k spider bass, and wearing a amazing waist cincher by Eirik Aswang. :D
Jan 17, 2009. 14:15

ADAM P33-A Studio Monitor @
The ADAM P-Series of active Monitors is made for post production, home studios, and mobile recording. They offer the original A.R.T. (Accelerated Ribbon Technology) tweeter with its unsurpassed clarity in a lower price region and deliver a stunning precision in sound reproduction. The P33A is an...
Sep 29, 2008. 12:47

Valve EQ and Mixing (TL Audio M4)
The Freemasons using a TL Audio M4 mixing desk to sum and Valve EQ to add warmth. Clip recorded by Future Music Magazine.
May 6, 2008. 13:18
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