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How To Mic Drums - Snare Drum
Chapter Three in a series on how to mic up your drums. Mike Snyder explains how to get the best sound from the Snare Drum.
May 14, 2010. 21:52

Episode 3 - Microphone types and characteristics
Microphone design, applications, transient response, mic sensitivity, ribbon mics, dynamic moving coil, capacitor condenser, phantom power, Faraday electromagnetic induction,
Aug 30, 2008. 11:29

One mic drum test (getting good drum sound on video)
One mic, pretty damn good sound. Here's how I did it: I played my trusty Tama Starclassic Performer (birch shells). Mapex M Series birch snare with stock head. For cymbals.... Zildjian 14" New beat HH Zildjian 70s sizzle ride with rivets Zildjian A Custom 16" Fast Crash (near HH) Sabian AAX 16"...
Aug 13, 2009. 21:29

How To Mic Drums - Introduction
Introduction to a series of videos on how to mic up your drum set featuring clinician Mike Snyder and Kink. FM audio engineer Dean K. Also includes Mike's Microphone Terminology 101.
May 1, 2010. 15:12

The days of recording at ELECTRICAL AUDIO part 1
5/16 2008, the "Nirf" has been recording with Steve Albini at ELECTRICAL AUDIO. part 1 as arrival to ELECTRICAL AUDIO, rehearsal at studio B and planning with Albini. This movie looks like only one day, but actually it takes 3days between arrival and meeting Albini.
Jul 7, 2011. 17:08

Telefunken AR51 Tube Microphone - Acoustic Guitars Video in the Recording Studio
Telefunken AR51 tube microphones beautifully record acoustic guitars with warmth and smoothness in the midrange, a nice tight bottom-end, and an open and brilliant top. In the first segment the mic on the right was placed near the 12th fret of the guitar and the microphone on the left was placed...
Sep 4, 2012. 17:08

ReVox A77 MK III from 1972
This is one of my two ReVox A77 MK III from 1972 (itīs not an MK II like I told you in the video - sorry!). If you wanna know the age of your A77, take the serial number from the backside of the recorder and call or mail ReVox in Germany.
Nov 23, 2009. 16:47

Timbaland In The Studio
Timbaland In The Studio
Feb 25, 2009. 13:50

Drumset Minimal Miking Techniques: Kel Mics
Demonstration on how to get a good sound with just 3 mics.
Oct 10, 2009. 21:56

How To Mic Drums - Kick Drum
Chapter two in a series on how to mic up your drums. Mike Snyder explains how to get the best sound from the Kick Drum.
May 5, 2010. 15:34

Electro-Harmonix Voice Box - Vocal Harmony Machine/ Vocoder
The Voice Box packs a multi-functional vocal synth processor into a tough and compact chassis. Sing, and you'll have a troupe of backup singers following you in perfect harmony. Or use the built-in vocoder to unleash classic synth-robot sounds.
Apr 23, 2009. 10:09

SSL X-Desk - MusikMesse 2009
Short overview of the new SSL X-Desk mixer at Franckfurt MusikMesse 2009.
Apr 2, 2009. 15:45

Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone: Britain's Best Leaked Secret
Over at Semaphore Studio, Sanford Parker showed us his sleeves, his superior mutton chops and his key to recording metal saxophone -- the Coles 4038 ribbon microphone. We get a dose of the sound through Sanford's rig which sends the mic signal through a Universal Audio 610 and the Teletronix LA-2A...
Apr 27, 2009. 10:26

How It's Made - Building a Microphone (Neumann)
How is made a microphone at the Neumann Factory
Jun 11, 2010. 11:29

Bruce Swedien on 'Thriller' Dutch television NPS January 2009
Bruce Swedien talking on the Dutch televisionshow Top 2000 a gogo in january 2009
Aug 8, 2009. 21:12
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