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Lexicon MX400XL Effects Processor Demonstration
To paraphrase that great American poet, Huey Lewis, Bill Holland has got a new drug, one that won't make him sick, won't make him crash his car or make him feel three feet thick. It's the Lexicon MX400XL digital effects processor, and while it isn't psychically addictive, Bill sure joneses for its...
Jan 5, 2009. 12:49

Tracking with the UAD-2 and the 710 Twin-Finity
Watch the Universal Audio Products in use in tracking of the San Francisco band Cannons and Clouds at Broken Records Studios.
Sep 3, 2008. 18:29

A# Sharp Recording Studio - Mixing Part 1
How the mix is created in the studio. Working with the mixing desk and editing software.
Jul 4, 2008. 00:00

Wusik Arduino Drum Machine Step-Note Tracks (S1 and S2)
For Version 1.0.4 we added 2 Step-Note Tracks for Bass and Synth lines. This is a short demonstration of 2 patterns playing both Drums and 2 Synth Lines. Those two new tracks, S1 and S2, have Note Selection per Step, Note-Off and Slide. [site] [site]
Nov 16, 2012. 17:28

BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer: Excitement Of Sound Enhancement
While Mario's magic mushrooms literally maximized his size in the popular platform games, Sonic had no tool to actually double his size. He did however, have a forcefield, which worked to the same effect. The BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer is like that extra hit for your sound, and in this demonstration, ...
Nov 10, 2008. 11:11

A# Sharp Recording Studio - Mixing Part 2
The world's quickest mix!! Watch as Jeff runs through a really quick mix of a guitar and drums style track.
Jul 4, 2008. 00:00

API Audio 1608 Recording Console - Vintage King Audio
API Audio's Gordon Smart gives an overview of the API 1608 Recording Console for Vintage King Audio.
Feb 1, 2008. 00:00

Toft Audio Designs SA16 - AES 2009
The SA16 by Toft Audio Designs is a brand new summing mixer.
Oct 16, 2009. 12:47

Episode 1 - Sound behaviour part 1
Introduction to sound, propagation, wave characteristics, compressions, rarefactions, wavelength, amplitude, frequency, pitch, tone
Aug 26, 2008. 11:29

Pocket RTA Spectrum Analyser for the iPhone, Pocket RTA HD for iPad also now available
Pocket RTA is a highly portable award winning real-time spectrum analyser for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. Pocket RTA has many advanced features which are normally only found in much more expensive sound analysis software, providing fast and accurate spectrum analysis suitable for both amateur hi-fi...
May 26, 2012. 09:50

Home recording studio equipment techniques
An introduction to home recording.
Jan 31, 2009. 15:48

Zoom Q3 - MusikMesse 2009
Overview of the Zoom Q3 at Franckfurt MusikMesse 2009.
Apr 4, 2009. 12:17

Black Lion Audio Auteur Preamp: High Quality, Low Prices -- How DO They Do It?
Black Lion Audio made a name defying the restrictions of your recording gear by modifying your interfaces and preamps to perform worlds better for just a little bit more dough. Now, the Auteur Preamp -- one of Black Lion's own products -- is doing the same thing without the middleman process of...
Sep 11, 2009. 06:37

API Audio 1608 Console Rear Panel - Vintage King Audio
API Audio's Dan Zimbelman gives an overview of the rear panel on the API 1608 Recording console.
Feb 1, 2008. 00:00

Roland M400
A video about a cool mixing console : the Roland M400.
Jan 9, 2012. 14:49
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