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Top Viewed Videos

Depeche Mode - 'Wrong' ('In The Studio' Music Video)
Here is the footage that Fletch (and some of the crew...but mostly Fletch) shot during the recording of "Sounds Of The Universe", re-edited to the first single from "Sounds Of The Universe", "Wrong"!
Apr 25, 2009. 16:29

TED Sixth Sense Technology
Basically, Sixth Sense is a mini-projector coupled with a camera and a cellphone—which acts as the computer and your connection to the Cloud, all the information stored on the web. Sixth Sense can also obey hand gestures, like in the movie Report.
Feb 21, 2010. 12:47

How to sing
How to sing vocal instruction lesson number one. You can do it, You can sing, it is fun and with a step by step video guide increasing your vocal range anf tone is minutes away.
Feb 22, 2011. 19:58

ASMO : Real Guitars Are For Pussies
Circuit bent toy keytar. A friend found this in a skip, broken with wires hanging out. I fixed it, made a few modifications and gave it a nice black paint job.
Feb 23, 2011. 09:59

Depeche Mode - In The Studio (2008) - Web Clip #16
In this week's clip, Martin works on the guitar riff from the song "Corrupt". Camera: Andrew Fletcher.
Oct 22, 2012. 17:10

Peavey Sanpera Pedals Let You Play With The Big Boys
Just when you thought the Peavey Vypyr Guitar Combos had enough features already, Owen has to go and whip out the pedals. The Peavey Sanpera Pedals I and II not only let you get faster access to features you normally have to dial in, and get you into that sweet looper -- they also predict the...
Apr 14, 2009. 14:00

Reactable CampusParty Valencia 2008
The reacTable in campusbot, campusparty, Valencia 2008 specifications, collaborative electronic musical instrument with a tangible interface based on a table, and inspired by modular synthesizers of the sixties. It was developed by the Music Technology Group at the University Pompeu Fabra in...
Aug 29, 2008. 10:47

Schack & Wetterberg Live looping
Esben Schack and Andreas Wetterberg doing a set on Café Zusammen in Copenhagen. Esben on vocals and guitar, Andreas on Live (looping) and Lemur.
Jul 15, 2009. 21:11

The Beat Kangz Beat Thang: A Neo-Seussian Overview / Demonstration
Since the Beat Kangz know a thing or two about drum machines , it's not a shocker that their Beat Thang comes loaded with some of the most convenient, cutting edge features you'll see in a beat box. They gained massive street cred working on the sounds on the Zoom SB-246, and they're given even...
Feb 6, 2009. 09:46

Sound Design with AudioCubes
Chris is controlling a soft synth developed especially for AudioCubes by Percussa, to be released in the next months. No setup or configuration necessary to make the cubes talk to the software, since the software was designed specifically for the cubes. No drivers necessary, and runs on Mac OSX...
Nov 24, 2008. 10:47

Programming your Behringer FCB1010 pt 2
Part 2 of programming your FCB1010, Preset Configuration
Aug 13, 2009. 16:47

How It's Made - Building Diatonic Accordions
Raynald Ouellet from Québec showing how to make a diatonic accordion in his "Accordéon Mélodie'" shop.
Jun 14, 2010. 12:42

SenseSurface 3D potentiometer
A potentiometer on an LCD screen adds tactile feedback to music and video applications. Proprietary rotary sensor held on via magnet. Input via USB port.
Dec 22, 2008. 18:02

IK Multimedia AmpliTube for iPad, iPhone, and iRig - Summer NAMM 2010
IK Multimedia has now made their AmpliTube amp sim software available for the iPad and iPhone, along with the iRig interface.
Jun 28, 2010. 12:43

How It's Made - Building Violins
How is made a violin.
May 26, 2010. 17:49
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