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Violin Lesson #9; String Crossing pt 2
2nd in the series.
May 29, 2008. 00:00

How to sing #2
How to sing vocal instruction lesson number one. You can do it, You can sing, it is fun and with a step by step video guide increasing your vocal range anf tone is minutes away.
May 26, 2009. 16:22

The Music In Me - From cambridge Ideas
Studies at the University of Cambridge have revealed that many of us use musical taste both as a means of expressing our own identity, and to form and refine our opinions about other people. Researchers found that sample groups of subjects regularly make the same assumptions about peoples...
Feb 11, 2010. 21:11

Susan Rogers - Music Cognition Clinic
Susan Rogers is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, and the director of the Berklee Music Perception and Cognition Laboratory. Susan is the a...
Jul 31, 2013. 16:57

An Fun Application of Wavelet Processing
"Kid" powered "Drum Panel/Synthesizer" for Playgrounds. "Buttons" are simple regions of plastic shaped in circles with vibration sensors. A wavelet analysis bank is used to separate "hits" in a specific location from random structural vibrations and hits that may have happened elsewhere. It also...
Jun 14, 2009. 14:56

Multi-Laser Gestural Interface
A short demonstration of the MLGI (Multi- Laser Gestural Interface) designed by Meason Wiley at California Institute of the Arts.
Nov 27, 2009. 07:36

Apr 3, 2008. 00:00

Tenori-on Review
Tenori-on review by
Jan 24, 2008. 00:00
3045 Violin Lesson 2
This lesson covers some beginner theory and then moves on to introduce the open strings.
Jun 23, 2008. 00:00

Violin Lesson #11; Straight Bowing Techniques pt. 1
Todd Ehle teaching straight bowing techniques. 1st of 2.
May 29, 2008. 00:00

IDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe
IDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe lets you interact with, and instantly remix, elements from the legendary band's new album. Take control and re-arrange rhythms, drums, effects and more from songs on Sounds of the Universe. Or use the raw drums, effects and instrument sounds to make your...
May 9, 2009. 10:47

Violin Lesson #31; finding 2nd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th positions
Note*** Take this information A LITTLE BIT AT A TIME! Perhaps just learn how to find 2nd position. Once you are comfortable with locating 2nd, learn 4th, etc. For 3rd position, see "finding 3rd Position, Vivaldi A minor"
May 29, 2008. 00:00
2990 Violin Lesson 8
An Introduction to Eighth Notes
Jun 23, 2008. 00:00

Trumpet Lesson #9 - How To Practice
Produced by the U.S. Army Field Band, Washington, D.C.
May 24, 2008. 00:00

Vitalic In The Studio With Future Music issue 268
On Sale 04/07/13 Buy this magazine from [site] or purchase digitally from [site] Track: Vitalic - Fade Away (Edit)
Jul 3, 2013. 19:21
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