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Top Viewed Videos

How it's made - Building Trombones
How they make s.e. shires bass trombones. Amazing
May 31, 2010. 09:54

Waldflöte MIDI-enabled pipe organ
The Waldflöte project is a MIDI retrofit to a 1890s Gray and Davison pipe organ located in the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh. It converts MIDI input into solenoid drive to directly press the keys on one of the manuals - there is no permanent modification to the organ. Members of Dorkbot Edinburgh have...
Nov 8, 2008. 11:29

Genoqs Octopus Basic Demonstration 2
2nd Lesson about Realtime Recording of notes & cc-Midicontrollers. Have Fun
Oct 11, 2008. 10:47

Violin Lesson #8 and #37; Playing in Tune pt. 3
Independent fingering v.s. block fingering.
May 29, 2008. 00:00

Depeche Mode - In The Studio (2008) - Web Clip #6
Dave and Martin recording vocals for the song "Wrong". Camera: Mr Andy Fletcher.
Apr 25, 2009. 15:37

DSMIDI wifi demo 3
This is a short demo showing one use for a nitnendo ds running a homebrew wifi midi controller. The homebrew functions as a monome and allows me to select any key I want. In this demo I am controlling a keyboard. My setup is: DS - Absynth 4
Apr 28, 2008. 00:00

Skunktree acoustic treatment (5 of 5) diffusers/reflectors
In this video, squid takes you through the process of the construction of SkunkTree Productions. He shows you how he built the acoustic treatment "diffusers/reflectors" he uses in his studio...
May 28, 2010. 18:07

Uzebox - Atmel based Game Console ( Chiptune Music Demo )
The Uzebox is a homebrew game console made out of resistors and only two chips: an ATmega644 and an AD725 RGB-to-NTSC converter. This video demonstrates the system kernel's four channels wavetable-based "synthesizer" and the MIDI interface that allows composition of music straight on the console.
May 10, 2009. 11:23

Musical Rumba Table by
Introducing the Musical Rumba Series of coffee tables by Interchangeable musical modules allow custom tables to be dreamt up by creative customers.
Sep 21, 2008. 11:29

Violin Lesson #35; Tuning the Violin pt.1 (see description)
Tuning the violin is difficult. This info is pretty in-depth. There are other videos on Youtube that are better primers for the absolute beginner. Part one in series.
May 29, 2008. 00:00

Depeche Mode - In The Studio (2008) - Web Clip #8
Martin, Dave and Ben Hillier have a little jam session in the studio. Camera: Mr Andy Fletcher.
Apr 25, 2009. 15:37

How It's Made - Building a Flute
How a flute is made from start to finish
Jun 5, 2010. 13:59

Yamaha Tenori-on triggering video sequences...
Another piece using the Tenori-on to create sequence in sound and visuals (sound - to trigger Reason 4 / Visuals - GrandVJ). The video was recorded on the iPhone 3GS to show how the visuals are triggered in Arkaos GrandVJ. All this was done in 2 days from Start to Finish...Enjoy...leave some...
Oct 17, 2009. 08:38

'It Might Get Loud' Trailer HD
The history of the electric guitar as seen from the point of view of three significant musicians: Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, U2's The Edge and the White Stripes' Jack White. It tells the personal stories, of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos. It reveals how each developed his unique...
Jul 23, 2009. 21:11

DXi FM synthesizer for iPhone Demo Movie part 3 of 3 - Sequencer Mode -
DXi is a FM synthesizer application inspired by 80's most popular synthesizer. Enjoy making music and creating sound by FM synthesis engine easily.
Aug 16, 2010. 20:26
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