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Top Viewed Videos

DSI Tetra Polyphonic Synth Module - Combo Presets
Here are a few combination presets from the new and super awesome sounding Dave Smith Tetra. The Tetra is an analog 4-voice synthesizer with great features like multiple envelopes, LFOs, sequencers, an analog resonant filter and more. Dave has somehow managed to squeeze a ton of features and...
Sep 1, 2009. 21:08

Keybdwizrd - DSI Mopho Demo #1
A demonstration of the Mopho analog synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments. Lexicon MX200 used for delay and reverb effects.
Sep 26, 2008. 11:29

Analog Synthesizer: Poly Evolver
Mano from tests the Poly Evolver Keyboard by Dave Smith.
Mar 17, 2008. 00:00

Sonic LAB: Mopho Keyboard Review
After the unboxing, here's the full review. Firstly thanks for all the questions, I've tried to answer as many as possible in the video, and also in the comments. There is an accompanying article over at [site]
Jul 3, 2010. 12:02

Combos- DSI Dave Smith Instruments Tetra
Dave Smith Instruments announces the release of Tetra, its next-generation analog polyphonic synthesizer. Tetra's four voices feature a 100% analog signal path and four-part multitimbral operation with individual outputs per voice.
Aug 14, 2009. 17:29

NAMM 2014:Dave Smith and the Prophet 12 Desktop
NAMM 2014:Dave Smith and the Prophet 12 Desktop We talk.
Jan 23, 2014. 22:23

DSI Evolver - tweaking parameters
I just got the Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard (MEK). It has some really nice sounds...what I did for this video is pick one patch and twist some knobs while the 16-step sequencer triggered away. The Evolver has some awesome analog patches, ambient textures, and cool digital hybrids. ...
Feb 19, 2008. 00:00

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard
Dave Smith Instruments has begun shipping the Mopho keyboard.
May 20, 2010. 05:30

Dave Smith at NAMM 2010 - Mopho with keys and Tetr4
Dave Smith shows off their new Mopho w/keyboard and Tetr4
Jan 20, 2010. 22:14

Prophet 10 Repair 1
Here I am replacing 2 pots and a lithium battery on my Sequential Circuits. No tripod, so couldn't record every single step.
Feb 21, 2008. 00:00

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Features
The synthesis prophet behind the Prophet 08 gives Gearwire the details on his newest release, the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho. As Mr. Smith (if that is his real name) happily explains, the Mopho is like a monophonic Prohpet -- with some unique additional features -- for only $400!
Jan 23, 2009. 20:00

Dave Smith Tetra Desktop Analog Polysynth
We take a look a the new four voice dekstop analog synth from Dave Smith Instruments. Split, layer and four part multi-timbral make this a powerful instrument.
Nov 30, 2009. 21:09

Review : Dave Smith Instruments Tetra Synthesizer #1
Here is my two part review of the new Tetra Synthesizer by Dave Smith Instruments. This is intended as an overview of the sounds and features of the synthesizer, with a small narrative about the over complex expectations of today's synthesizer enthusiasts that sometimes push the fringe of...
Sep 24, 2009. 14:56

Keybdwizrd - DSI Mopho Demo #3
Demonstration of the Mopho analog synth from Dave Smith Instruments.
Sep 26, 2008. 11:31

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho #1
Right on the box Dave Smith Instruments spells out that Mopho Synth...
Mar 12, 2009. 11:29
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