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Top Viewed Videos

Vox AC15 Custom - AC15C1
The legendary British Vox tone has created some of the most memorable recordings of all time. It launched the British Invasion, and it has also given modern guitarists that classic chime and harmonically rich overdrive that is perfect for a wide variety of musical styles. Quite simply, this is the...
Mar 13, 2010. 14:09

Vox Valvetronix VT40+ guitar amp first look video demo
Hear the brand new Vox modelling combo in action. Head to for more of the latest product news, video demos and reviews.
Oct 16, 2012. 15:35

VOX AC30 Custom Classic demo
Check out this tour and demo of VOX's awesome AC30 Custom Classic and AC15 Custom Classic.
Jan 13, 2008. 00:00

VOX JamVOX Guitar Jamming Software
VOX amps tackles new and exciting software territory with the release of JamVOX, which they show us in this video from Summer NAMM 2008. The jamming tool uses VOX's GXT Guitar XTraction technology to cancel out the native guitar track on any mp3, letting you record your own version with the rhythm...
Aug 3, 2008. 13:04

Vox JamVOX USB Guitar Players Interface - 2
A video introduction to the Vox JamVOX USB Guitar Players Interface
Dec 30, 2008. 17:52

Vox ac30 Custom Classic Demo
Hi, this is a demo of the Vox Custom Classic 2 with just the standard Vox speakers, I've got my guitar running straight into the amp so you know what the amp sounds like without added effects.
Jan 5, 2008. 00:00

2010 Vox AC15 Hand-Wired Combo
This is the new 2010 Vox AC15HW1, the hand-wired AC15 combo from the New 2010 Vox Handwired series. These 60's style fawn tolex beauties feature the unmistakable chime and natural compression that you've come to expect from the best vintage Vox AC15 amplifiers, thanks to all-tube design, including...
Nov 10, 2011. 10:50

Vox AGA70 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier: Unassuming, Yet Ballsy
Yet another new line for Vox, the Vox AGA70, was introduced at the recent NAMM show in Anaheim. This one's an acoustic amp -- the first for the company (unless you count the Vox AmPlug Acoustic, which we don't). This powerful little 70watt combo sports two separate channels, one with a solid-state...
Apr 24, 2010. 22:29

Amped: Vox Night Train Valve Guitar Amp
Rob Chappers takes a look at the Vox Night Train tube amp head and gets to the nub of what it's good at.
Oct 22, 2009. 15:11

VOX Satchurator Gainfully Employs Killer Overdrive Features
So I think Joe Satriani has gone a bit insane -- his new album, Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock cannot be the work of a man in his right mind. Nevertheless, the new VOX Satchurator pedal is all over the new album. Mike Bradley of VOX spent a year and a half working with Joe...
Jul 4, 2008. 00:00

Vox AC30 Handwired Heritage, Fender Telecaster
The AC30HH Head will inspire shock and awe the moment you see it in person. Played with a Fender Telecaster. Its simply a lovingly constructed, beautiful amplifier to behold, so much so that you may just want to display it in your living room like a fine piece of handmade furniture. The creamy...
Aug 2, 2010. 13:48

Vox JamVOX USB Guitar Players Interface - 1
A video introduction to the Vox JamVOX USB Guitar Players Interface.
Dec 30, 2008. 17:51

Vox Ice 9 Overdrive
This is the new Vox Ice 9 Overdrive Pedal from Vox and Joe Satriani. The Vox Ice 9 covers all of Joe's overdrive needs with two switchable modes, a vintage mode for sweet, classic drive, and a modern mode that kicks in a Germanium diode for a more aggressive tone. The Ice 9's Gain and volume knobs...
Aug 23, 2010. 06:47

Vox AC4TV & '64 Gibson SG jr
The new little Vox AC4TV, all-tube 4 watts combo with a 10" Celestion. I've recorded the three power settings (4, 1 and 1/4 watt) while matching the recording level to the volume decrease.
May 14, 2009. 14:47

Vox AC4TVH Amp and V112TV Cabinet
In this video Guitar World's gear editor Paul Riario demonstrates the features of the Vox AC4TVH amp and V112TV cabinet.
May 18, 2010. 08:16
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