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Episode 5 - Stereo microphone techniques
Stereo mic techniques, spaced pair, x-y coincident technique, Alan blumlein, Blumnlein technique, mid side technique,
Sep 3, 2008. 11:29

Audix i5 Takes On The Shure SM57 In A Microphone Shootout
The Shure SM57 has long been the industry standard when it comes to dynamic instrument microphones. Things got a little bit crazy in Gearwire Studio when the Audix i5 arrived with massive enough cajones to refer to the SM57 as a "paper champion" before challenging the notorious mic to "put its...
Jul 6, 2008. 00:00

Tips & Techniques - Piano Recording with MIGGS
I just wrapped up production for a rock band called MIGGS on Warner / RockRidge Records. I'm finally back in New York City and beginning to mix the project, but this was recorded down in Tampa, Florida where we were recording the band. This goes thru how i recorded the piano for the record. What...
Nov 26, 2009. 04:33

Episode 4 - Microphone Techniques
Polar Patterns, types of diaphragm, distant and close miking, Stereo and mono techniques
Sep 1, 2008. 11:29

Microphone Techniques - New Online Course
Learn more at: Microphone Techniques is designed to give you the solid background and skill set necessary for successfully planning and implementing recording sessions ranging from single-mic overdubs to full rhythm sections. Throughout the course, you'll learn about the various elements of...
Mar 5, 2012. 15:11

How to mic a drum kit with a Shure DMK
Miking a drum kit for a live performance, minimalist set up with the shure drum microphone kit.
Aug 2, 2008. 12:54

Shure Mic Beta 52A
Video tutorial on the Beta 52 and signal processing
Jun 25, 2008. 12:57

OSP STM1300 vs Shure, A/T and Neumann
The OSP STM1300 versus three famous mics : the Neumann U87, the Shure KSM32 and the Audio-Technica 3035.
Jul 24, 2008. 00:00

Shure Headphones - NAB 2010
Closed back studio monitoring headphones.
Apr 28, 2010. 21:11

Audix OM2 And Shure SM58: Shootout!
Back in the Gearwire studio, Owen O'Malley plays embedded reporter from the battlefield, where the hostilities between Audix and Shure heat up. This skirmish sees an Audix OM2 grappling with a Shure SM58.
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00
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