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Tereshkova demo #02: Messing with the joystick
Controlling clock speed of sequencer (using VC LFO) and filter cutoff with the joystick. Tereshkova is identical to Vostok, except that instead of a matrix panel and VU meter you get 2 extra multiples, 2 extra VCAs and an extra LFO. Otherwise they are the same.
May 19, 2010. 07:23

Using Analog Sequencer
How to make Rythm/Bass pattern by Analog Sequencer. Using Roland System-100M module.
Mar 1, 2008. 00:00

Klee 2 sequencer
Short overview and demo of the Klee 2 sequencer for analog synthesizers. This is a DIY project and the video was shortened for YouTube...Enjoy!
Apr 21, 2008. 00:00

SEKU Analog Sequencer
Self made analog step sequencer controls Korg MS10 and Roland S100M synthesizers. First row controls MS10 pitch and S100M noise-drum gate. Second row controls MS10 filter-cutoff. Synthesizer sounds are modified live when sequence is running. More information about SEKU and Sigma on...
Mar 2, 2008. 00:00

Arturia Origin Sequencer
Clips from the Arturia tutorial and teaser DVD.
Jun 26, 2008. 19:08

Voice of Saturn Synth & Sequencer
Oliver Chesler, The Horrorist demos his Voice of Saturn Synthesizer & Sequencer. Both units are available as kits or pre-built from Curious Inventor ( [site] ) You can see by using a cable you can shorten the sequencer step length.
Jun 11, 2010. 17:04

Electrocomp EML-400 Sequential Synthesizer Analog Sequencer
We deal in vintage synths, so we get to play a lot of fun toys. But you already know that. So... Here's the EML Electrocomp-400 we just put up for sale. It's an analog sequencer with 2 sets of 16 faders x 3 and a built in 2 oscillator analog synth with a multimode filter and ring modulation. ...
Jun 9, 2008. 00:00

Korg MS-10 tutoriel 1: Poor man's MS10 sequencer
How to simulate a basic sequencer. Connect LFO (Modulation generator) with TRIGGER IN. Et voila !... Sounds better with a delay applied. Want to listen to more music? visit
Jun 11, 2008. 00:00

Doepfer Dark Time Step Sequencer + ARP Odyssey
Gear demo by RetroSound Doepfer Dark Time Midi / CV Step Sequencer and ARP Odyssey first short test over CV/Gate with the ARP.
Feb 11, 2011. 17:41

Europa hardware MIDI sequencer demo with Blofeld & DR670
Europa sequencer. This is the pre-prod unjit (99% finished), used here with Blofeld adn DR670 drums. Showing drum editing, octave shift, mute, transpose. This sequencer is really easy to use and tunes can be created so quickly.
Feb 8, 2010. 14:14
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