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Subdecay Blackstar Distortion Pedal
The Subdecay Blackstar Distortion Pedal - Get high gain and huge tone from this box. Loads of sustain for blistering leads, and enough control to make any amp sound meaty and mean, yet harmonically rich and full.. For hard rock to metal and more. What is the Blackstar? The Blackstar is a high gain...
Oct 20, 2009. 09:02

Subdecay Liquid Sunshine Overdrive Pedal
The Subdecay Liquid Sunshine Class A Overdrive - JFET based design for natural breakup and huge available volume boost. The Liquid Sunshine will give your amp a good kick in the ass. Equally useful as a clean boost, treble booster, and overdrive. Responds well to boosters, and loves pushing your...
Oct 24, 2009. 13:07

Subdecay Echobox Modulated Delay Pedal
The Subdecay Echo Box Delay Pedal - Start out with a great delay sound, add intuitive and useful features, and you have yourself The Echo Box. The sound is somewhere between a digital and analog delay, but without the coldness of the the typical digital delay, or the sometimes "icky" artifacts...
Nov 10, 2009. 12:29

BFF fuzz pedal demo
A short video about the BFF fuzz pedal.
Jan 19, 2008. 00:00

Zvex Fuzz Factory Guitar Pedal
Zvex awesome little fuzz factory pedal with true bypass
Jan 1, 2008. 00:00

Zvex Fuzz Probe guitar pedal
Zvex guitar fuzz probe pedal, a fuzz pedal with an expression pedal that doesnt move... This pedal is used by Matthew Bellamy from Muse
Jan 12, 2008. 00:00

Pigtronix Disnortion Fuzz Octave Overdrive Pedal
The Pigtronix OFO Disnortion stomp box features a touch sensitive Overdrive, Fuzz with 6 different filters, and frequency-doubling Octava. Each effect is an original design and can each be used independently or in combinations to forge a tremendous range of musically responsive distortion sounds....
Dec 18, 2009. 21:59

Subdecay Noise Box
The Subdecay Noise Box is one crazy little frequency generator! Using both even and odd order harmonics to generate crazy synth and ring type frequencies, the Noise Box is your ticket to torturing ears around the world. The Subdecay Noise box will give you classic ring mod tones as well as funky...
Dec 26, 2009. 14:02

Subdecay Prometheus Resonant Filter
Subdecay Prometheus Resonant Filter Pedal- The Prometheus is a voltage controlled 12dB filter which can be manipulated by playing dynamics or an internally generated signal.
Nov 3, 2009. 04:33

MJM London Fuzz
MJM London Fuzz guitar effects pedal demo with Kingbee Tele & Jaguar Twin Amp
May 20, 2009. 10:44
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