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ProCo Rat

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Proco RAT 2 demo
Here is a demo of my Proco RAT 2, which has been reutz resistor snip modded. Recorded with Tele Deluxe into Orange Tiny Terror, cab mic'd with SM57
Feb 6, 2008. 00:00

ProCo Rat Distortion by is testing one of ProCo's Rat distortion pedal.
Jan 20, 2008. 00:00

ProCo Rat distortion pedal shootout, current version versus 90's Vintage Reissue guitar effects demo
A recent version of the Rat2 compared to a 90's era vintage reissue big box Rat distortion.
Aug 28, 2010. 15:46

T-Rex Dr. Swamp Overdrive Distortion Pedal Old
The new T-Rex Dr Swamp Distortion pedal now features two Dr Swamps in one! With switchable gain stages, you can now set up a chunky rhythm sound and a screaming lead all in one pedal. The Dr Swamp can also act more as a semi-clean boost with a solid 15db boost on the Volume pot. If you like that...
Aug 10, 2010. 07:32

T-Rex Mudhoney Distortion Overdrive Pedal - The T-Rex Mudhoney Overdrive Pedal is a great combination of an overdrive / boost pedal. The Mudhoney features a +15db boost when the Volume control is turned all the way up, this gives it the power to push the front end of your amp. The Gain knob controls the amount of...
Jun 18, 2011. 17:28

Subdecay Blackstar Distortion Pedal
The Subdecay Blackstar Distortion Pedal - Get high gain and huge tone from this box. Loads of sustain for blistering leads, and enough control to make any amp sound meaty and mean, yet harmonically rich and full.. For hard rock to metal and more. What is the Blackstar? The Blackstar is a high gain...
Oct 20, 2009. 09:02

ZVex Vextron Distortron
ZVex Vextron Distortron The all new ZVex Vextron Distortron pedal is finally here. If you have been dreaming of buying your first (or maybe fifth) ZVex pedal but could not gather up the cash, this new series of lower priced pedals might just be the ticket. The new ZVex Vextron Distortron features...
Jul 29, 2010. 13:10

Solid Gold High Octane - This is the Solid Gold High Octane, a simple, dynamic overdrive pedal that you'll want to leave on all the time. It was designed with clarity and touch-responsivesness in mind, offering rich, medium gain drive with plenty of output to get your tube amp's juices flowing.
Dec 3, 2010. 13:37

StudioLag by James Wood (La Boite Noire)
StudioL‚g, the natural sound of the guitar, by James Wood.
May 6, 2008. 00:00

Chris Liepe, Effect Pedal: Chorus
Chris Liepe of makes a quick review of what the Chorus effect pedal can do to your overall guitar sound. To view more lessons on effect pedals or to learn new licks and guitar tricks, visit
Jul 10, 2010. 18:41
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