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DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 01 - Strobe's Hidden Oscillator
In the first of FXpansion's Synth Squad Quick Tip series, we show you a neat trick to get an extra oscillator, filter, LFO and envelope out of Strobe.
Oct 12, 2009. 07:02

FXpansion DCAM Synth Squad - An Introduction to Strobe
DCAM Synth Squad - An Introduction to Strobe, part of FXpansion's DCAM Synth Squad.
Aug 18, 2009. 15:39

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 02 - Cypher Goes Lo-fi
Using Cypher's sample and hold oscillator functions we can get nice, crunchy lo-fi sounds.
Feb 13, 2010. 14:14

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 09 - Drive stages
Here we take look at Strobe and Cypher's drive stages and show you how to control them, and what impact they will have on the sound.
May 11, 2010. 21:33

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 12 - Animator & the transport
A quick reminder on how Animator and the transport (play/stop) are linked.
Aug 19, 2010. 21:21

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 13 - Animator & Notewrap
This Quick Tip focusses on a feature in Animator called Notewrap, which can allow you to program different modulations and pitches for every note on the keyboard.
Aug 28, 2010. 08:38

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 03 - Velocity Glide
In this Quick Tip we show you how to use the Velocity Glide feature.
Feb 18, 2010. 04:33

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 06 - Animator's Arpeggiator
In this Quick Tip we show you how to make complex apreggios using Animator, Fusor's powerful step sequencer.
Mar 22, 2010. 15:25

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 07 - Abusing Voices
Here we show you some creative uses of the Voice modulation source.
Apr 1, 2010. 05:55

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 14 - Cypher FX Sample and Hold
Here we take a look at the Cypher FX plugin which allows you to process external audio though Cypher's various components. In particular we'll look at applying sample and hold oscillator function to the incoming audio.
Sep 17, 2010. 13:13
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