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Top Rated Videos

Blues Guitar Lesson 1-Blues Rhythms: The Shuffle
A lesson for beginners on how to do Blues Rhythm and the move known as "The Shuffle." What you need to mainly know before you watch this lesson are barre chords. The teacher is Keith Wyatt;
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00

Blues Guitar Lesson 3-Blues Soloing
This lesson should be viewed after you view the videos I uploaded on Blues Rhythm and the 12 bar progression. A quick lesson for beginners on how to use the "Blues" scale and the flat 5 so you can play blues solos. The teacher is Keith Wyatt
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00

Introducing StringPort
Keith McMillen introduces StringPort.
Jun 29, 2010. 09:05

Blues Guitar Lesson 4-Blues Phrasing part 1
A quick lesson on how to use the blues scales and play some nice melody solos and licks. This lesson is split into two videos because it was too long to be on one video. The teacher is Keith Wyatt
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00

Blues Guitar Lesson 4-Blues Phrasing part 2
Part two of the lesson on Blues Phrasing. View this after you have viewed part 1. In this video, not only does it teach you how to play, it teaches you how to cut loose!
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00

Victor Wooten bass solo & Amazing Grace - Budapest 2007
Budapest A38 Béla Fleck and the Flecktones 22 January 2007 (2nd show)
Jan 26, 2009. 17:38

Lead guitar lesson jazz blues licks using Blues scales
In this lesson we teach some really cool and easy blues jazz licks.
Mar 6, 2009. 09:41

Blues Guitar Lesson 6-Time to Play With the Band
It's Jamming Time. After viewing all of the other lessons I uploaded, you are now given the opportunity to play with the band and use all the techniques that you've learned and help you better with your playing. Tablature is placed at the bottom. The teacher is Keith Wyatt.
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00

Blues Guitar Lesson 5-Soloing Over the Blues Progression
A quick lesson for beginners on how to use blues licks and solo over the 12 Bar Blues Progression. The teacher is Keith Wyatt.
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00

Taylor Solid Body Custom guitar review
John looks at the Taylor Solid Body Custom guitar using a Roland Cube 30 amp.
Sep 3, 2012. 09:32

Steve Vai Tour Rig Video - 2007 Sound Theories Tour
Here's a look at Steve's amp/pedal rig as used on the Sound Theories 2007 Tour. This was originally shot in HD.
Dec 3, 2008. 10:47

Peavey AmpKit LiNK - Play Guitar through your iPhone
Peavey Electronics and Agile Partners announces AmpKit, the ultimate amp and pedal studio with full recording capability for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, and AmpKit LiNK, a high fidelity electric guitar interface. AmpKit is a free app with a built-in Gear Store that will be coming soon to the iTunes App ...
Jun 23, 2010. 13:17

Electro Harmonix - Electric Mistress Deluxe Flanger
Electro Harmonix Deluxe Analog Flanger Filter Matrix (1989) demo by Retrosound
Oct 21, 2010. 09:40

Unusual Schaller Tremolo
A video of an old (?) Schaller tremolo. I had a hard time beliving what I saw when i first opened the casing. An electrical motor inside controls a small plate that allows light from a small bulb to reach a sensor, which in turn controls the tremolo sound.
Apr 27, 2009. 17:11

Blues Guitar Lesson 2-The 12 Bar Blues Progression part 2
The second half of the first video I upload on The 12 Bar Blues Progression. Make sure you view the first half before you view this lesson. The teacher is Keith Wyatt
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00
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