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MaximalSound-De-Compressor (Flux) - Unusual Processors
The De-Compressor increases the gain above the threshold. It can restore lost transients on over compressed audio. The De-Expander increases the gain...
Nov 20, 2012. 14:31

The Phase Matters
It is usually admitted that the human hearing isn't sensible to the phase relation between frequencies. But since this phase relation also modifies the...
Jul 6, 2010. 16:28

MaximalSound - Multiband De-Expander at Work
This short video demonstrates the capability of a multiband de-expander for sound enhanceemnt.
May 26, 2010. 09:06

Audio Dynamic Processors by Transfer Curves
Every dynamic processor has its own transfer curve. Depending of the time related settings, a same transfer curve produces different resuluts.
Apr 23, 2010. 21:11

Compressor vs De-Expander
Two types of processor allow to lower the dynamic range. The compressor reduces the gain above the treshold while the de-expander increases the gain below ...
Apr 8, 2010. 21:32

Digital Overload
When dealing with audio overloads in the digital domain, limiter prevents from unacceptable distortions. Turning down the gain control is the other option.
Feb 23, 2010. 15:53

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