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Subdecay Noise Box
The Subdecay Noise Box is one crazy little frequency generator! Using both even and odd order harmonics to generate crazy synth and ring type frequencies, ...
Dec 26, 2009. 14:02

Pigtronix Disnortion Fuzz Octave Overdrive Pedal
The Pigtronix OFO Disnortion stomp box features a touch sensitive Overdrive, Fuzz with 6 different filters, and frequency-doubling Octava. Each effect is...
Dec 18, 2009. 21:59

G-Lab DR-2 Dual Reverb demo By Art Rodriguez
G-Lab DR-2 Dual Reverb demo By Art Rodriguez.
Nov 13, 2009. 06:47

Pigtronix ADSR Attack Sustain Compressor Pedal
Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain Compressor Pedal - At the heart of the Attack Sustain is a revolutionary, newly designed compression / sustain amplifier....
Nov 12, 2009. 05:35

Subdecay Echobox Modulated Delay Pedal
The Subdecay Echo Box Delay Pedal - Start out with a great delay sound, add intuitive and useful features, and you have yourself The Echo Box. The sound...
Nov 10, 2009. 12:29

G-LAB Wowee-wah pedal demo
The new G-Lab Wowee-wah pedal demo, made by guitarist Gabor Gajdacsi. Played a Fernandes strat, VOX AC30CC2X, a pair of Audio-Technica...
Nov 6, 2009. 06:26

Subdecay Prometheus Resonant Filter
Subdecay Prometheus Resonant Filter Pedal- The Prometheus is a voltage controlled 12dB filter which can be manipulated by playing dynamics or an...
Nov 3, 2009. 04:33

Pigtronix Phi Echolution Delay
The Pigtronix Phi Echolution is the ultimate in crazy delay pedals. Reverse echo, loop, and tempo subdivision as well as modulation and overdrive give you ...
Oct 31, 2009. 07:20

Subdecay Flying Tomato 2.0 Mutant Fuzz Pedal
The Subdecay Flying Tomato 2.0 - Mutant Fuzz - Similar to many classic fuzz designs the Flying Tomato adds a number of modern improvements, and it doesn't ...
Oct 28, 2009. 07:25

Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
Pigtronix Philosophers' Tone is a compressor sustainer unlike any you have seen. Able to produce distortion, reverse effects and volume swells in addition ...
Oct 26, 2009. 07:55

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