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Top Rated Videos

Top Rated Videos

Roland M400
A video about a cool mixing console : the Roland M400.
Jan 9, 2012. 14:49

Biscuit by Oto Machines
Biscuit is an innovative effects processor by Oto Machines.
Mar 3, 2010. 14:14

Drum Warmups & Stretches | Drum Lessons
Learn a few drum warmups and stretches that will keep you loose as you begin playing your drums.
Jun 6, 2009. 04:33

Boogie Woogie lesson 4
Boogie Woogie lesson 4
Jun 11, 2008. 00:00

Blues Guitar Lesson 9-New Blues Scale Position
A quick lesson for beginners on where and how to play different blues scales in the same key and at different octaves. The teacher is Keith Wyatt
Jul 1, 2008. 00:00

Advanced Pro Tools Tutorial, Part 3: Group
In this clip, producer, engineer and songwriter Aaron Sternke demonstrates the versatility of using edit and mix groups in Pro Tools, and suggests how to use them to make workflow faster.
Feb 27, 2008. 17:14

John Frusciante teaching different styles and soloing
Red Hot Chili Peppers's guitarist showing his skills and talking. Amazing solo at the end.
Jun 27, 2008. 00:00

AXiS for Bohlen-Pierce Scale #9
C-Thru Music has lent me this keyboard, called the AXiS, for a few months, and I am rearranging the keys for the Bohlen-Pierce Scale, a macrotuning based on a 3/1 frequency ratio, divided by 13 equal steps. This particular AXiS toured with the Lionel Richie Band on loan, went to me, and in two...
Mar 27, 2009. 14:22

Funk Drum Play-Along #3 - Drum Lessons
Learn how to play funk music on the drums with this funk drum play-along! Drum play-alongs will improve your drumming and timing!
Jan 6, 2011. 16:13

Blues Guitar Lesson 10 - Vibrato and Dynamics
A quick lesson for beginners on how to use vibrato while your soloing. Then it gives you a little jam track to practice over. The teacher is Keith Wyatt
May 14, 2012. 10:55

Vocal Recording Mistakes - Part 4+5
Part 4+5 of 5 tips for recording better vocals in your home studio and anything recorded with a microphone.
Jun 24, 2011. 17:28

Pseudo Scratching In Ableton Live 8
Video showing how to emulate a scratch Like effect in Ableton Live 8 using the new delay Modes in the Ping Pong Delay. This is not meant to replace vinyl nor will it produce a totally authentic sounding scratch sound, but it is a Ableton Live only solution and is a nice add on to your effects...
May 30, 2009. 13:16

How It's Made - Building a Flute
How a flute is made from start to finish
Jun 5, 2010. 13:59

Mastering with Universal Audio's Precision Series Plug-Ins
This video demonstrates using UA's Precision mastering Series plug-ins, along with some of the Precision Mix series plug-ins, to master a track.
Feb 7, 2008. 00:00

Keybdwizrd - Yamaha Motif Demo #1
Playing some bread-and-butter programs on the Yamaha Motif.
Feb 19, 2008. 00:00
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