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Top Viewed Videos

Top Viewed Videos

Neve 88R Console: Allen Sides At Ocean Way Recording
We visited Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles where Allen Sides showed us a fractional amount of gear in comparison to the mountains of it he's bought and sold throughout the years. Currently, an ITI Equalizer and a custom Neve 88R.
Aug 8, 2008. 12:54

Denon DN-S1200 vs. Pioneer CDJ-400 CD/USB/Media Player
DJ Ty compares the new Denon DN-S1200 to the Pioneer CDJ-400.
Nov 9, 2009. 15:43

Yamaha 14 x 6.5 Maple Custom Snare Drum - Vintage Natural
Yamaha 14 x 6.5 Maple Custom Snare Drum - Vintage Natural.
Nov 19, 2009. 07:20

Steinberg The Grand 3 - The Ultimate Virtual Piano Suite
With The Grand 3, Steinberg is presenting a premium collection of various piano models. Including recordings of three concert grand pianos, one electric grand and one upright piano plus a wealth of enhanced details, The Grand 3 is truly the deserved complement to your virtuosity.
Aug 6, 2009. 05:58

Beginner rhythm guitar lesson on surf spanish style strumming and picking w tremelo vibrato
In this video we teach an easy and fun beginner surf spanish type rhythm. Learn all the chords and strumming and have fun dialing it in!
Nov 21, 2009. 21:47

Swayzak on Ableton Live and their free Live Pack
Swayzak, UK artisans of compelling electronica, have made an exclusive, free Live Set for you to download. In their own words: For all you lucky folk who have downloaded this Live Set, take time to mess around with the clips (stretch, chop, combine, resample): don't just use them as they are. Use...
Aug 14, 2009. 22:11

Compression Tutorial
This tutorial on the compressor shows you how to compress your sounds.
Jun 18, 2012. 12:09

UAD Neve 88RS Channel Strip Plugin
Official presentation of the UAD Neve 88RS Channel Strip Plugin.
Sep 26, 2008. 10:47

Advanced Pro Tools Tutorial, Part 4: Tab Transient, Nudging
In this clip, producer, engineer and songwriter Aaron Sternke demonstrates the tab to transient function--a feature exclusive to Pro Tools--and shows how to nudge regions easily.
Feb 27, 2008. 17:14

Jazz Drum Beats - Drum Lessons
This drum lesson teaches six unique jazz drumming beats that you can use at your next jazz gig. They build upon the basic jazz pattern covered in one of our previous drum lessons, and take the limb-independence to the next level.
May 20, 2009. 16:19

Otari MX-5050 Tape Recorder Repair At Chicago's Deltronics
The repair specialists at Deltronics have to be more than just technicians -- they have to be grief counselors, father confessors and even detectives as well. Sometimes, customers will walk into Deltronics electronics repair service with their head hanging low, avoiding all eye contact, pretending...
Jan 7, 2009. 14:18

Ned Rush = Warping Multiple Tracks in Ableton Live 8
A brief look at warping multiple tracks. might touch on this again as its a broad topic and can be problematic in many circumstances. this is a basic demonstration using a straight drum take and as example. stay tuned for further videos on this topic.
Jul 7, 2009. 15:29

MixVibes VFX Control - Mix video like music
MixVibes VFX Control is a brand new full Video-DJ (VDJ) solution including MixVibes VFX software and a dedicated controller featuring 2 decks, a central mixer and a sound interface. The hardware allows you to easily trigger audio and video features and was designed to offer a mouse-free VDJ...
Nov 20, 2012. 15:00

Sound of Mellotron
Mellotron 400 MS Trombone / Violins / 8 Choir /
May 28, 2008. 00:00

IPod touch Step Sequencer
I wrote a little step sequencer for my jailbreaked iPod touch. (inspired by the awesome Monome 40h Controller) The sounds are quite crappy (also my chair sqeakks likke hell!!!), but you could do better sounds in SuperCollider or even trigger a Software/Hardware Synth/Samplers via MIDI. I used...
Mar 30, 2008. 00:00
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