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Top Viewed Videos

Top Viewed Videos

Using the Hardware and Software Helios Type 69 EQ
A demonstration of the Helios Type 69 console EQ by Jason Carmer, as well as the Universal Audio's Helios Type 69 plug-in.
May 2, 2012. 11:45

NAMM 2009 - Numark NS7 Demo
Hoska aka Mike Hosker demos the very nearly released Numark NS7 to the skratchworx USA team at NAMM 2009.
Jan 19, 2009. 17:27

NI Kontakt 3 - Tutorial 1
NI Kontakt tutorial video from NI
Mar 8, 2008. 16:28

Introducing the Moog Polyphonic Theremin
Introduced in 1928, the Theremin is one of the earliest and most widely known electronic instruments. Played artists that manipulate invisible energy fields around antennas which control the pitch and volume of the sound, Theremin music has distinguished hit records from such diverse artists as The ...
Nov 11, 2011. 13:57

Tuto - MixVibes PRODUCER- Sampler tutorial #1
This video is a tutorial video for the sampler of MixVibes PRODUCER.
Nov 20, 2012. 15:04

Akai Miniak Synth - MusikMesse 2009
Overview of the new Akai Miniak Synth, at Franckfurt MusikMesse 2009.
Apr 3, 2009. 22:01

Summer NAMM: Roland GW-8
Roland GW-8 Workstation overview
Jul 4, 2008. 00:00

Mixing Basics In Propellehead Reason
Check out this video from and watch as Berkleemusic instructor Erik Hawkins illustrates the basic mixing process in Reason, EQ, compression and reverb.
May 8, 2008. 00:00

NAMM 2009 - John Bowen Solaris 1/2
Demonstration of the John Bowen Solaris synthesizer during NAMM 2009. Solaris is as flexible as a modular system, but easier to use - with five 2 x 40 character display sections, one 240 x 64 graphic display, and 40 knobs, the Solaris is capable of great depth in sound manipulation, but designed to ...
Jan 19, 2009. 13:10

Oxford SuprEsser tutorial
Tutorial of the Oxford SuprEsser plug-in.
Nov 20, 2012. 16:54

Drums, bass, vocals, synth mixing techniques for Kanye West.
Multi Platinum mixing engineer Manny Marroquin reveals the mixing techniques he used for Kanye West's "Stronger".
Aug 8, 2009. 04:33

Fender Telecaster 52 RI test
A Fender Tele '52 through a Peavey classic 30, with a Powerbrake attenuator. Effects: RAT Clone, Tubescreamer Clone.
Jan 12, 2008. 00:00

Eventide Timefactor delay pedal (part 1) presents the Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Pedal. This pedal includes Digital Delay, Band Delay, Vintage DDL, Filter Pong, Tape Echo, MultiTap Delay, Modulated Delay, Reverse Delay, Ducked Delay, and Looper.
Feb 12, 2008. 00:00

U-he Zebra Tutorial
My first attempt for a Zebra tutorial video. Unfotunately the output of the synth is a bit louder than my voice, but I'll train this ;)
Aug 12, 2009. 22:06

Fatten Up Your Guitar Sound in Pro Tools
Fill up the empty space in your hit tracks with a nice full sounding rhythm guitar part by doubling tracks and adding layers of compression in Pro Tools. is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee's acclaimed curriculum...
Jun 5, 2008. 00:00
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